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You can’t run a successful site or blog without building an email list and to do so, you need a solid email collection strategy. This should include offering content upgrades within posts as well as general lead magnets. Based on my extensive testing, OptIn Ninja is a solid way to create beautiful opt-ins that are mobile-friendly and simple to make.

I’ve tried just about every tool on the market to create simple opt-in pages and pop-up light boxes. Some are awful, some are wonderful, and a few are somewhere in between. Unfortunately, the really great ones all seem to cost an arm & a leg.

The one exception to the wonderful but pricey rule is ThriveLeads, but it can be a little more techy than some people are comfortable with. OptIn Ninja is a great compromise.

After reading about OptIn Ninja in a couple of different Facebook groups, I decided to reach out to the company that makes it, Web Factory Ltd, to see if I could grab a copy of their plugin bundle to review for my readers and clients. Not only did I receive a copy to test, but Web Factory Ltd also agreed to provide us with 5 copies to give away! Sweet! Don’t miss the giveaway at the bottom of the post!


Standard Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of the OptIn Ninja bundle for review purposes, but all opinions contained herein are my own. Plus, you guys know me, if I hated it I would come right out and say it anyway. So, let’s get into it…


OptIn Ninja Bundle Strong Points

Instead of making this a huge list, I’m just going to hit my favorite points. There are many other minor things that make the OptIn Ninja bundle a fabulous set.

+ Easily create simple landing pages/squeeze pages as well as pop-up light boxes.

+ One-time purchase! Unlike some *other* services out there like Leadpages, OptIn Ninja is a once & done $29-$39* fee. I don’t know about you, but I seriously don’t need another recurring monthly fee. When you buy OptIn Ninja, it’s yours forever!

OptIn Ninja is a plug-in which claims to help you set up opt-in pages & pop-ups easily on your WordPress site or blog. These landing pages and pop-ups are fantastic for lead magnet or freebie sign-ups! I recently put it to the test to see if it would live up to the hype.

+ Fully customizable all the way down to the details of how rounded the corners are on the text fields.

+ Integrate video into your boxes or as a page background from YouTube or Vimeo

+ OptIn Ninja has some serious A/B testing & reporting chops. Not sure which headline is going to work best? Test them both! You can track your test easily over time in the built-in dashboard.

+ This OptIn Ninja bundle contains over 20 templates for both squeeze pages & boxes. All the photos and textures are included and CC0 licensed. That means you can use them for pretty much any purpose.

+ The bundle also includes the Auto Pop-Ups Add On which allows you to trigger auto pop ups on any of your sites pages or posts using 12 different triggers and rules. No one likes a dumb pop-up! Don’t be that guy!

+ You can have people opt-in with their Facebook account instead of manually typing out an email! Cool!

+ One click duplication of already set up OptIns.


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Wanna see it in action as a popup? Of course, you do!   >>> Pop it up! <<<

Do you want to check out an opt-in page?   >>> Yep, lemme see it! <<<


OptIn Ninja Bundle Weak Points:

– It does take a few minutes to get comfortable with the interface, just like anything else. Once you’re clear on where everything is, though, it becomes pretty quick to set a new one up. See more on the back-end interface below.

– Although MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Mad Mimi, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor are fully integrated services, if you use something like ConvertKit like I do, you’ll have to copy/paste your form URL. Which, come to think of it, this is a pretty major plus as well; OptIn Ninja can be used with any email services provider.

– This may seem like a small thing, but I want my button to change color on hover. I could probably do that with CSS, but it would take me forever.


OptIn Ninja’s Interface is Easy Peasy!

Like I said earlier, it takes a second to get a feel for how everything is laid out and exactly what each option does but it ends up being super easy.

After installing the plug-in bundle, navigating to the OptIn Ninja option on the left menu bar will allow you to create a new page/box either from scratch or from one of the templates.


Here’s what it looks like on the back-end:

OptIn Ninja general settings

First, the General Settings box allows for customization of the URL, turning on A/B testing, adding custom CSS, and more.


OptIn Ninja templates

The Templates box allows for selection of over 35 templates included with the bundle. You can use them as a full opt-in page or as just a pop-up opt-in box. Again, the images are all included.


OptIn Ninja page background

The Background settings box is where you can adjust your page background options.


OptIn Ninja first content box

The First Content Box area gives total control of the first box. You can also turn off the two box system and just display the second one.


OptIn Ninja second content box

The Second Content Box area is where your actual opt-in form will live.


OptIn Ninja misc settings

There are various other settings that can be adjusted towards the bottom of the page.


OptIn Ninja Bundle Verdict:

It’s a solid product that I’m thrilled to have found. If ConvertKit integration were to be added, I’d say five stars. As it stands now, though, I can set it manually and it works beautifully. It’s just an extra step to add my form in.

Also, although the templates are super easy to customize and adjust, they are not the best designed things in the world as far as fonts & colors. They look a little amateurish right out of the gate so expect to play with the fonts and colorscheme until you’re happy with the design.

Final Verdict: 4 1/2 stars. Love it!


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