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Spring is here! What does that mean? Spring cleaning. As you’re spring cleaning your physical life like your house and your yard, don’t forget to spring clean your digital life as well. Start with your social media accounts.

Bloggers spend so much time promoting, interacting, and networking on social media that it’s easy to end up with bloated accounts. Make your day to day process of managing your social media accounts just a little bit more enjoyable by taking just a few minutes to get them in order. Here are 3 painless ways to spring clean your social media.


Spring Clean Your Facebook

As bloggers, we often have a ton of bloggy friends and group admins in our friends list. While that’s all well and good, it can clutter your FB feed and you don’t necessarily want someone you don’t know personally seeing all your personal stuff. Go through your friends list and group those you aren’t super close with as “acquaintances.” This will trigger their posts to show up in your feed less often while still remaining friends. Also, if you post something you’d like to keep to just family and trusted friends, like photos of your kids, it’s easy to adjust who you want to see it. It’s easiest to add people to lists on desktop.


First, go to your friends list. Get there by going to your profile and clicking on friends. You can sort them in a number of ways if you have a lot.

Spring Cleaning Friends Screenshot- The Art of Better Blogging (1)

Second, click the drop-down arrow on the “friends” button to show the different buckets that you can put friends in such as close friends, acquaintances, etc… You can add in custom buckets or lists as well. Go through and repeat for each person. While you’re going through, it’s ok to unfriend anyone you’re not interested in being connected with at this time.

Spring Cleaning Dropdown Screenshot- The Art of Better Blogging (1)


Now when you post, it’s easy to post to only those you want to see your stuff, even on mobile!

Post Screenshot- The Art of Better Blogging (1)

Speaking of Facebook, did you know that there is a fabulous, intimate community on FB just for my VIPs?


Spring Clean Your Twitter


Here’s my disclaimer on this one: I H-A-T-E the follow/unfollow game and refuse to play along. Sure it’s nice when people follow you back on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc… but I won’t follow and unfollow people just to artificially inflate my stats.  I can’t stand that.   OK.  That being said, there is a service that is super useful for making sure that people you follow are legit. is free or low cost for premium features and allows you to easily hook your Twitter account up. You can then sort everyone you’re following and unfollow “zombie” accounts, fake accounts or inactive accounts. What’s the point in following someone if they haven’t tweeted in 3 months?

Status Brew Screenshot - The Art of Better Blogging (1)


Spring Clean Your Pinterest Profile


I think this one is painless AND fun! Again, it’s easiest to do this on desktop. Head on over to your Pinterest profile and put your boards in proper order. Make sure each board has a clear name (always go clear over clever!), SEO optimized description and eye-catching cover image. RELATED READ: How to Drive Colossal Traffic Using Pinterest

These are so simple I can't believe I haven't done a spring clean on my social media before now!

That’s it!


The time it takes for you to spring clean your social media accounts will vary depending on their size but shouldn’t take long. For me to do all of my main accounts, it took me about an hour. Take the time now to just take care of it, you’ll be glad you did.

These are so simple I can't believe I haven't done a spring clean on my social media before now!

How do you spring clean your social media?


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